Case Study:
Nu-Look Windows

Nu-Look Windows is a third generation family owned business in Perth, WA that specialises in the supply and installation of window and door products for both residential and commercial projects.

The challenge.
The competition is on.

“Some of our staff spent as much as 40 per cent of their working day out on the road, but we couldn’t communicate with them properly via our old telecommunications system,”

Glen Loftus
Owner, Nu-Look Windows

To keep up with growing competition in the residential housing market, Nu-Look Windows wanted to separate itself from the pack by offering bespoke customer solutions and offering highly innovative products like their high-thermally efficient window and door systems.

With over 40 staff at their manufacturing, sales and customer service hub, Nu-Look Windows also wanted to reconsider its customer service model to ensure that its sales and customer service staff were as efficient and informed as possible.

Nu-Look Windows needed to find a telecommunication solution that would allow it to communicate internally and externally with ease.


Industry: Building & Construction
Solution: Data Networks and IP Telephony

The Challenge
The Challenge

Sales team who were not able to communicate effectively, limitations on the existing telephony infrastructure and large costs for operation of legacy technology.

The Results
The Results

A enhanced customer experience through enhanced call-handling, cost-effective PBX upgrade which meets future growth needs and data, network and telephony all delivered with one provider and one bill.

Finding the Right Provider

After speaking to a number of contacts in the industry about which telecommunications provider to approach, Glen was advised to talk to Vocus Communications because of its method of building bespoke customer solutions.

“We had a unique set of challenges in that we needed a telecommunications solution that was mobile and effective, but we weren’t very tech savvy so we needed something that would be easy to use,” said Glen.

After selecting Vocus for the job, Glen was immediately impressed by the team and their approach to the challenge at hand.

"I would recommend any business approach Vocus for a communications solution – no matter how tech-challenged they are.” 
Glen Loftus, Owner, Nu-Look Windows.

Results - Improved Connection and Communication

In order to tackle Nu-Look Windows’ business objectives, Vocus recommended a unified communications solution that brought together their fibre, data and telephony services.

In the first two months since implementation, the system has streamlined communication efforts across the business and allowed staff to be contactable by colleagues and customers regardless of where they are during the day.  “Our customer service has significantly improved overnight and we are offering services we could never have offered before. Not only this, but the system is easy to use, and our staff are thrilled by it,” said Glen.

“The capabilities of the new system has also freed up some of my time – meaning I can focus on the things that really matter, like managing my teams and delivering the best results for our customers.