Consistent speeds into the Amazon cloud

“We wanted to get guaranteed and consistent speeds into the Amazon cloud. With a VPN connection there are too many variables.”

Bart Tuteleers
Head of Infrastructure, Goodman

When Sydney-based commercial and industrial property group, Goodman, faced a decision about where to host its SharePoint document management system, speed and performance were key factors to consider.

With its expansion to 33 offices in 16 countries, Goodman needed to renew the ageing storage area network (SAN) hosting its SharePoint environment.

It had two options: commit to the capital outlay of investing in a new on-premise SAN; or explore ways to move this business-critical application to the cloud.

With a strong belief that Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is the way of the future, Goodman opted to move its SharePoint system to an AWS environment.

This was not Goodman’s first foray into IaaS, however, having previously moved the hosting of its website to AWS, explains Head of Infrastructure, Bart Tuteleers.

“We had a good experience with IaaS. This gave us the confidence to use AWS for an important application like our Document Management System,” says Tuteleers.

But Goodman also realised that moving the application to the cloud was just one element of what was required to ensure a great user experience: it also needed to guarantee the quality of its connection into the AWS environment.

After all, the guaranteed performance of its direct link into Amazon Web Services (AWS) with Vocus Cloud Connect has given Goodman the confidence to move essential services to the cloud.

The speed and responsiveness of accessing and editing documents on a company network is something most users take for granted.

It therefore chose Vocus Cloud Connect (VCC) to provide a direct connection into AWS, as opposed to an internet VPN.

Vocus Cloud Connect (VCC) provides Goodman with a dedicated, high capacity, secure link to AWS that reduces bandwidth costs and delivers consistent network performance.

Consistent Performance

VCC has enabled Goodman to provide end-users of its SharePoint system with a consistent performance and user experience.

“End-users always have a certain baseline expectation of speed. Whenever speed goes below that baseline, we get complaints,” he says.

Goodman used to host SharePoint internally on its own network, but users have not reported any issues with the application’s performance since moving to AWS.

“With Vocus, the stability of our connection to AWS has been very consistent,” says Tuteleers.

VCC also helps Goodman lower network costs, since data transferred using VCC is charged by AWS at a reduced rate when compared to a VPN link.

" We wanted to get guaranteed and consistent speeds into the Amazon Cloud. With a VPN connection there are too many variables."
Bart Tuteleers, Head of Infrastructure, Goodman

Professional implementation

Vocus appointed an implementation and project manager to oversee this professionally managed service.

“The setup went smoothly,” explains Tuteleers. “Vocus provided us with us all the information we needed and we were able to get it up and running without too much drama.”

One of the benefits of working with Vocus was that it is an an existing Amazon Partner, and understands what’s involved in setting up the service.

Goodman had added confidence in using Vocus Cloud Connect since it was already a Vocus customer for dedicated connectivity within Australia.

“Vocus has always given us very good service. We haven’t had any major outages with Vocus, even though we have a substantial number of connections with them,” adds Tuteleers.


  • To avoid the capital outlay of new storage hardware, Goodman shifted its SharePoint document management system to Amazon Web Services (AWS).
  • Vocus Cloud Connect (VCC) provides Goodman with a dedicated, high capacity, secure link to AWS.
  • A dedicated connection into AWS ensures guaranteed performance of applications hosted on the Amazon Cloud.
  • With Vocus Cloud Connect, Goodman can transfer data to AWS faster, more reliably and at a lower cost than over a VPN connection. The solution has become a seamless extension of Goodman’s internal network and data centre.