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"It was quite a mess trying to manage customer calls and then making sure they were responded to in a timely manner”

IT Manager, Compass Group

Compass Group outsources most of their IT work, but they retain enough in-house resources to coordinate the work of suppliers and provide on-site support for their internal customers.

The IT Manager for Compass Group describes his team as providing “the glue” that holds the balance between in-house and outsourced support. His small team is spread across multiple sites in two countries, and his legacy infrastructure made it challenging to handle incoming support calls in a timely and efficient manner.

The Challenge

Prior to implementing their Vocus Unified Communications solution, the IT team had a 1300 phone number directed to a single site. Although calls could be received at different sites according to the time of the day, there was invariably only one person available to take calls. 

With no ability to queue or escalate, many calls were sent to voicemail. The team would end up having numerous voicemail messages left across multiple sites. The IT Manager stated “It was quite a mess trying to manage customer calls and then making sure they were responded to in a timely manner”. 

The Compass team needed a way to queue calls and have them answered by available IT staff in any of the locations in Australia and New Zealand.

Vocus' Unified Communications Solution

The flexibility of the Vocus Unified Communications solution enables an operator to plug a handset into the network wherever they were and instantly become part of the call centre solution.

This provides great potential to tie their organisation together with voice and visual communications and they don’t need to do it in a big bang.

They can roll out the services where they are most needed on an ad-hoc basis and get tremendous return on investment for each step along the technology road.

"Little was required in the way of hardware. We just purchased IP phone handsets at each location, with no need for a PABX system. A 15-person call centre doesn’t justify that investment. In any case, a single-site PABX wouldn’t have resolved the issue of how to queue and distribute calls across multiple sites."  
IT Manager, Compass Group.

The Outcome

Today, calls are sent wherever an operator is available, irrespective of location. The Compass IT team can roster operators according to customer demand. Normally two people are answering calls from other locations at any time, and extra team members can “jump on” whenever there’s a high volume of calls.

Plus, Compass can use in-built reporting capability to determine peak times and schedule their roster accordingly.

This approach is a great example of how cutting-edge technology can provide immediate benefits to a business by increasing flexibility, decreasing costs and delivering better service to customers.