Better billing

We’re reviewing service experiences across our business to create great customer and partner experiences across all areas of Vocus. No matter how great our products are, we need to make sure your experience from placing your order to receiving your first bill is as painless as possible.

We’ve paid attention to your feedback and identified the issues that are bogging us down and it turns out that billing is causing a few gripes. We have now implemented a 6-month plan to ensure we can make billing easy again!

Our plan to make billing better:

·      Automation of billing systems to speed up transactions and end of month billing

·      Business analyst teams working with operations to close down process gaps

·      Cancellation process to be streamlined and automated to ensure cancellation date and termination fee are calculated correctly

·      Improved automation to ensure updates to service agreements reach billing in a timelier manner.

·      Large and complex customers will receive a dedicated billing officer which will allow familiarity with customer’s specific services and their individual billing requirements

·      Improved support from vendors to ensure billing team is receiving external support

·      Reoccurring credit note issues being worked through closely to analyse and reduce the occurrence across accounts

Our growth has definitely opened up some cracks in our processes and we acknowledge we sometimes falter in consistently offering great service 100% of the time. We are continually working with our internal systems, vendors and IT teams to improve the way we work. We will keep track of what areas are causing frustration and take the necessary steps to streamline the processes and make your experience more simplified.