Nobody remembers the late nights building policies and configuring the backup appliances.

What they do remember is the one time the CEO needed a critical email and you had to locate that specific email from 9 weeks ago, in a sea of VMs.

The nature of data recovery has become increasingly complicated as corporate data becomes the source of truth for business operations. In the era of digital everything, the management of data from creation through to retention, is an area which taxes the brightest minds in IT.

Nobody cares how complex a solution is, all they care about is if it works and works fast. It’s never a comfortable feeling to have an exec sitting behind you as you try and locate that one critical file.

Or you’re the person who gets handed this to fix…


Simplifying enterprise backup should always be your end goal, but the increasing data complexity present in modern organisations means you’re going to need access to the right tools. It’s critical to have a complete data backup solution that brings together; intelligent software, secure, high availability connectivity, and true enterprise backup infrastructure.

With Backup as a Service, your enterprise backup needs are taken care of.

Backup as a Service

Each backup instance is housed in Vocus’ own Enterprise data centres, with SLAs and the latest appliances from the leaders in Backup - EMC and Commvault.


  • infrastructure that scales without impacting Capex
  • dialling up or down on demand
  • lowering your risk with validated audits
  • fast restoration timelines

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