With virtualisation the standard for enterprise infrastructure, many organisations are still grappling with backup plans that haven’t kept pace.

Virtualisation sprawl is a real and new challenge, and the knock-on effect for enterprises is caused by the lag in updating their data retention policies. As many organisations are advanced in their move from on-premises infrastructure, or even advanced in their hybrid infrastructure model, they need to get on top of backup, or risk the misalignment and the problems that come including;

  • regulatory and legislative requirements
  • speed and overhead in accessing backups
  • risk of failure as systems struggle to cope with volumes
  • cost explosion as volumes rapidly overwhelm budgets 

Are you ready to make better backups?

Even with the cost of disk plummeting, Vocus will combine disk, connectivity and smart software, to achieve a very powerful solution to your everyday backup challenges.

How do you know if backup is an issue for your organisation?

Answer these 4 questions...

  1. Can you deal with virtualisation sprawl?
  2. Are you happy with just 7 days recovery for email?
  3. Do your backup policies allow for distinction between high value and low priority data?
  4. Is there pressure to get disk costs down in your business infrastructure?

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