The 3-2-1 model as a data backup strategy is no longer a long-term goal for enterprises; it’s a mandatory mode of operation. 

With security concerns and massive volumes of data being created by enterprise each day, your backup strategy is critical. 

Backups are no longer just simple document, email or log data – application data is fast becoming the challenge. Backups now form a unique part of the total data security model for business. 

Advancements in backup appliances and the rapidly decreasing cost of cloud storage mean there is now no excuse not to adopt 3-2-1 backup strategy best practice.

What is the 3-2-1 Backup Model?

Your best practice strategy for data backup should require...

Three copies of your data at any time

Three copies of your data at any time

Two local copies on different storage types

Two local copies on different storage types

One Offsite backup

One Offsite backup

Makes it sound simple.... but does your current backup strategy add up?

Why Offsite?

New security threats are constantly looking to disrupt operations, or even worse, damage the operations of a business.

Malicious software, like WannaCry, can bring an organisation to its knees and the strength and depth of an organisations backup strategy will be the difference between recovering or falling prey.

By hosting offsite in an independent backup platform, organisational data can be further isolated in case of attack. And with today’s threat conditions, it’s only a matter of when.

An All-in-One Solution

With products like Vocus Backup as a Service, critical data can be defined from multiple sources, de-duped and pushed to our enterprise cloud infrastructure in our Australian Data Centres, and with true VM replication and super-fast links, getting critical information back into production is a matter of hours, not days or weeks.

And it’s all encrypted, de-duped and charged only on usage, not retrieval, backed by solid Enterprise SLAs.

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