Vocus Wholesale Voice

Vocus Provides a range of highly resilient and competitive wholesale voice services including:

  • CTS (Call Termination Service)
  • Number Allocation
  • Number Portability
  • E1 and IP Access
  • Carrier Interconnect

CTS (Call Termination Service)

The most popular of our Voice product suite. CTS is the termination of minutes across the Vocus Voice Network. We route the call to the far end for handoff to the destination carrier and termination to their user. Offering competitive rates and superior call quality, Vocus CTS is available on E1 or IP access products.

Number Allocation

Vocus can provide individual to 1000 number ranges from most local areas across Australia. These numbers can be delivered locally in the zone of origin or backhauled to your existing Vocus point of interconnect or E1 / IP access.

Number Portability

Easily migrate your clients numbers from your competitors infrastructure to your own. Vocus can deliver ported numbers to any Vocus E1 or IP access product in the local area of interconnect or backhauled to a central location.

E1 and IP Access

Vocus provided bearer access utilising either E1 or IP. This is a direct, uncontended connection from your equipment to the Vocus switch. This access product can also be used to connect your customers to your own infrastructure and is available at (and between) any Vocus connected building.

Carrier Interconnect

For those parties wishing to perform a bi-lateral interconnect with the Vocus Voice Network. Interconnect is available utilising legacy ISUP or our preferred SIP standard. Contact our Interconnect Manager at interconnect@vocus.com.au for more details.

Vocus Wholesale Voice Coverage & Availability

Vocus Wholesale voice is available in Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney.

For enquiries about Vocus Wholesale Voice please fill out the contact form below, alternatively call us on 1300 88 99 88.

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