Awesome products built on a reliable network.

Our knowledgeable team of network experts stands behind every single Vocus product. 

We’ve invested a lot—time, money, sweat, and probably a few tears—in our set of network-focused products, and we think they’re pretty great. That’s why we’re happy to help you get the most out of them.

From quoting and provisioning to performance and support, we aim to be faster and do things a little differently than our competitors. We’re here to empower you with not only our reliable, high-performance network but also our knowledge of ICT and of the specific requirements of your evolving business.

Each one of our products comes with open, straightforward conversations about what will work best for your business and what we can do to deliver more of what you need. You also can count on our ongoing commitment to security and to the accessibility and expertise of our 24/7 Network Operations Centre and support staff.

To get straight to it, we want you to love our products. And we want you to love working with Vocus.

Click on a product below or call us (1300 88 99 88) to learn more about the products that can move your business straightforward.

Imagine all your teams working together across one reliable wide-area network.
Take advantage of the high performance and reliability of our multipoint-to-multipoint Ethernet across your multiple offices or data centres.
Be heard loud and clear with Vocus Voice.
Unite your voice and data communications seamlessly.
Defend your business network against malicious cyber attacks with Vocus DDoS Protection.
Redefine what's possible with Dark Fibre.
We deliver our Internet a little better.
Vocus delivers fibre broadband Internet via our high-performance global network.
Connect your brand straight to your global customers, your suppliers and your employees.
We manage our global IP transit network from end to end.