Pacific IX

Pacific IX is the first Internet eXchange or Peering service to span Australia and New Zealand which will allow participants to connect and exchange traffic between Sydney and Auckland. The aim of Pacific IX is to significantly improve speed and connectivity by delivering a much faster direct path between the two countries ISPs, Telcos and Hosting companies, while also reducing costs for participants.

The Pacific IX Internet Peering service is delivered via a multipoint Ethernet based Unicast VLAN enabled to support both IPv4 and IPv6 natively. Service speeds are available as standard at 10Mbps or 100Mbps, with higher speeds available on request.

Purchase of a Pacific IX port gets you access to this Peering VLAN. This is where public peering is done. This is a multi-lateral peering service, connecting to the Pacific IX service includes access to all other public peers.

Why would I need Pacific IX?

  • If connectivity between Australia and New Zealand is important to your business
  • If you want to save cost by peering with other networks
  • If you want to improve performance of your IP transit

Pacific IX Coverage & Availability

  • Equinix SY1, Sydney
  • Global Switch 1, Sydney
  • Vocus DC, (Alexandria) Sydney
  • APE Skytower, Auckland

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