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Welcome to the Vocus Communications (ASX:VOC) investor relations page. This page is dedicated to providing information about our corporate activities to our current shareholders and potential investors.

Vocus Communications (ASX:VOC) was founded March 2008. The company owns and operates a telecommunications network connecting Australia and New Zealand to the global Internet backbone in the USA. Utilising this and its domestic network, Vocus provides telecommunications services to the ISP and telecommunications markets.

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What does this mean?

In a nutshell Vocus’ product suite includes:

  • Internet connectivity: Vocus provides internet access and connectivity to a variety of customers.
  • Data Centres: Vocus owns and operates Data Centres or colocation facilities in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Auckland and Christchurch.
  • Dark Fibre: A network of fibre optic cables that allow customers to share their data seamlessly between two points.
  • Voice: Vocus provides a full range of inbound and outbound voice services

Vocus Investor History


06.05.15Amcom Scheme Meeting AdjournedRead More
30.04.15Update on Vocus proposed acquisition of AmcomRead More
29.04.15Conditional Special Dividend DetailsRead More
21.04.15MAQ - Becoming a substantial holder from VOCRead More
17.04.15Acquisition of a strategic stake in Macquarie Telecom Group LimitedRead More
30.03.15AMM: Scheme of ArrangementRead More
20.02.15FY15 HY Results PresentationRead More
20.02.15FY15 HY Interim ReportRead More
20.02.15FY15 HY Results Earnings ReleaseRead More
19.02.15Purchase of additional capacity on Southern Cross CableRead More
13.02.15Vocus expands data centre business with acquisition of EDCRead More
04.02.15Vocus divests NZ construction division to form new Joint VentureRead More


17.12.14Scheme Implementation AgreementRead More
17.12.14Acquisition of Amcom Telecommunications Limited PresentationRead More
17.12.14Vocus and Amcom agree terms under which Vocus to acquire outstanding shares in AmcomRead More
05.12.14S&P Dow Jones Indices Announces December 2014 Quarterly Rebalance of the S&P/ASX IndicesRead More
25.11.14AGM ResultsRead More
25.11.14Chairman's AGM AddressRead More
10.11.14AMCOM ASX Release - Amcom and Vocus to enter into exclusive due diligenceRead More
28.10.2014FY 14 Annual Report Click here to view the eBook
27.10.14Receipt of Proposal from Vocus Communications Limited (VOC)Read More
27.10.14Vocus announces 10.0% interest in AmcomRead More
02.10.14New Director AppointmentRead More
28.08.14FY2014 Investor PresentationRead More
28.08.14FY2014 Preliminary Final ReportRead More
28.08.14FY2014 Financial Results ASX ReleaseRead More
22.08.14Update on FX AcquisitionRead More
22.08.14FX Acquisition Offer DocumentRead More
22.08.14Securities Act Exemption NoticeRead More
22.08.14Project Harrison Target Company StatementRead More
21.08.14Results of 2014 EGMRead More
13.08.14Vocus acquires ASG Data Centre in WARead More
27.07.14SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT | Takeover Notice - FX CommunicationsRead More
18.07.14Notice of Extraordinary General Meeting/Proxy FormRead More
11.07.14Vocus renews contract with Vodafone New ZealandRead More
02.07.14FX Networks Investor PresentationRead More
02.07.14Vocus proposes to acquire 100% of New Zealand’s FX NetworksRead More
13.04.14Vocus announces completion of institutional equity placementRead More
12.04.14Vocus announces fully underwritten institutional equity placementRead More
12.04.14Vocus capital raising presentation Read More
12.03.14Trading HaltRead More
07.03.14S&P DJ Indices Announces March Quarterly RebalanceRead More
27.02.14FY2014 Half Year ASX ReleaseRead More
27.02.14FY2014 Half Year Financial ReportRead More
27.02.14FY2014 Half Year Investor PresentationRead More
24.01.14Statement in relation to Telstra dispute proceedings in Federal CourtRead More
17.02.14Change in substantial holding from PPTRead More
14.02.14Becoming a substantial holder from CBARead More
18.06.14Vocus acquires 10% ownership of Sea-Me-We 3 cable Read More
06.01.14Release from Voluntary EscrowRead More


18.12.13Vocus reduces USD exposure and improves cash flowsRead More
27.11.13Results of AGMRead More
26.11.13Chairman's Address to ShareholdersRead More
24.10.13FY13 Annual Report - PDFRead More
24.10.13FY13 Notice of AGMRead More
29.08.132013 Full Year ResultsRead More
29.08.13FY13 Investor PresentationRead More
29.08.13FY13 ASX Release - Vocus achieves record earnings whilst investing in future growthRead More
28.05.13Vocus Announces Resignation of Vocus Director Mark de KockRead More
21.03.13Vocus Divests Retail Backup Business Datalock LimitedRead More
28.02.13Steve Baxter Resignation LetterRead More
28.02.13ASX Release - Vocus Declares Maiden DividendRead More
28.02.13FY2013 Half Year Results PresentationRead More
28.02.13FY2013 Half Year Financial ReportRead More


07.12.12Vocus Acquires IperaRead More
23.10.12AGM Results Cover LetterRead More
23.10.12Chairman's Address to ShareholdersRead More
23.10.12AGM Results Summary Read More
03.10.2012Confirmation of Despatch of AGM NoticeRead More
03.10.2012Annual Report to shareholdersRead More
03.10.2012Notice of Annual General Meeting/Proxy FormRead More
26.09.2012FY 12 Appendix 3BRead More
20.09.2012Vocus renegotiates Southern Cross IRU Capacity AgreementsRead More
28.08.2012Vocus FY12 ASX ReleaseRead More
28.08.2012Vocus FY12 Full Year Results PresentationRead More
28.08.2012Vocus Preliminary Final Report FY12Read More
16.08.2012Becoming a substantial shareholderRead More
13.08.2012Despatch of holding statementsRead More
07.08.2012Appendix 3BRead More
16.07.2012Becoming a substantial holder PPTRead More
12.07.2012SPP - Despatch of Offer DocumentsRead More
12.07.2012Placement Cleansing NoticeRead More
12.07.2012Appendix 3B - PlacementRead More
05.07.2011Completion of Placement, and launch of SPPRead More
05.07.2012Share Purchase Plan Cleansing NoticeRead More
04.07.2012Notice under ASX Listing Rule 3.10.3Read More
04.07.2012Investor Presentation - Capital RaisingRead More
04.07.2012Institutional equity placement and SPPRead More
04.07.2012Trading HaltRead More
13.06.12FY12 Guidance PresentationRead More
13.06.12FY12 Earnings GuidanceRead More
22.05.12Vocus Acquires New Zealand Data Centre and Cloud Provider MaxnetRead More
30.04.12Vocus Extends Deal with Vodafone NZRead More
16.02.12Investor Presentation - H1 FY12 Results VocusRead More
16.02.12Vocus Half Year Results December 2011Read More
16.02.12FY2012 Half Year Financial Report and 4DRead More
02.02.12Vocus Predicts December 2011 Half Yearly Financial ResultsRead More


23.11.11Vocus Release Singapore ExpansionDownload ASX Release Here
25.10.11Results of Vocus' 2011 Annual General MeetingDownload The Meeting Results Here
25.10.11Chairman's Address to Shareholders Download the Chairmans Adddress Here
17.10.11Vocus Secures Vividwireless ContractDownload ASX Release Here
23.09.11Notice of Annual General Meeting/Proxy FormDownload Notice of Meeting Here
23.09.11Vocus Annual Report Click Here to Download the Vocus 2011 Annual Report
23.09.11Confirmation of Despatch Download ASX Release Here
23.09.11Notice of Annual General Meeting/ProxyFormDownload ASX Release Here
24.08.11Vocus Presentation: Annual Report Summary Please contact Vocus to receive a copy of the Vocus 2011 Annual Report Presentation. info@vocus.com.au
24.08.11ASX Annoucement: Vocus Announces 2011 Annual ResultsDownload ASX Release Here
24.08.11Preliminary Final Report / Annual ReportDownload ASX Release Here
20.05.11Notice of Extraordinary General MeetingDownload ASX Release Here
03.05.11Vocus Commpletes the Acquisition of Perth iX Data CentreDownload ASX Release Here
08.04.11Vocus Acquires Dark Fibre Network Download ASX Release Here
01.04.11Vocus Wins Carrier of the Year AwardDownload ASX Release Here
28.03.11Vocus Enters into and Aggreement to Acquire Perth iX Data CentreDownload ASX Release Here
22.03.11Share Purchase Plan Offer BookletDownload Share Purchase Plan Offer Booklet Here
22.03.11Share Purchase Plan Chairman's LetterDownload Share Purchase Plan Here
14.03.11Vocus Annouces Captial Raising Download ASX Release Here
22.02.11Investor Presentation - 2011 Half Year ResultsDownload the Investor Presentation Here
22.02.11Vocus Presentation: 2011 Half Year ResultsDownload Half Yearly Report Here
22.02.11Half Yearly Report and Accounts Summary Download Document Here


29.12.10Security Trading Policy Download ASX Release Here
08.12.10Release from Voluntary EscrowDownload ASX Release Here
02.12.10Vocus Wins Deloitte Asia Pacific Fast 500 AwardDownload ASX Release Here
29.11.10Half Year Earnings GuidanceDownload ASX Release Here
19.11.10Vocus Wins Deloitte 2010 Technology Fast 50Download ASX Release Here
26.10.10Chairman's Address to ShareholdersDownload ASX Release Here
25.10.10Acquistion of Data Centre BusinessDownload the ASX Release Here
24.09.10Annual Report to ShareholdersDownload Annual Report Here
24.09.10Notice of Annual General Meeting - Proxy Form Download the General Meeting Notice Here
14.09.10Vocus Investor Presentation - September 2010Download Investor Presentation Here
30.08.10Vocus Annouces 500% Plus Increase in Profit Before TaxDownload ASX Release Here
30.08.10Vocus Preliminary Annual Report 2010Download Vocus Preliminary Annual Report Here
05.08.10Vocus Signs NZ$11.3 Million International Capacity Deal with Vodafone New ZealandDownload ASX Release Here
30.07.10Earnings Guidance UpgradeDownload Earnings Guidance Here
30.06.10Acquistion of Vocus Group LimitedDownload ASX Release Here
30.06.10Issue of New SharesDownload
30.06.10Commencement of Trading Download ASX Release Here
25.06.10New Issue AnnouncementDownloadDownload Issue of New Shares Document Here
21.06.10Letter to Shareholders - General MeetingDownload Letter to Shareholders Here
16.06.10Address to Shareholders - General MeetingDownload Address to Shareholders Here
16.06.10Results of Meeting 2010Download the Results of the General Meeting Here
17.05.10Notice of General Meeting Vocus 2010 Notice of General Meeting
17.05.10Vocus 2010 ProspectusDownload Vocus 2010 Prospectus Here
27.01.10Vocus sponsors the Annual New Zealand Network Operators Group conference - NZNOGDownload ASX Release Here


24.11.09Vocus announces major deal with iiNet. Read More
19.10.09Vocus wins Deloitte's 2009 Rising Star award. Read More
27.10.09Vocus has announced the launch of a distributed burstable IP transit product which offers unrivalled flexibility and slashes IP costs. Read More
22.10.09Telecommunications and technology specialist Len Walter has joined the Vocus team as CIO. Read More
01.09.09AusNOG03 proved to be a great success for Australia's community of network operators. Read More
24.09.09Vocus has signed a major deal with AussieHQ, Australia's fifth-largest web hosting solutions company.Read More
05.08.09Soaring growth continues for Vocus. In another record quarter, Vocus has announced new contract sales of AUD $5.6M for the quarter to June 2009.Read More
08.07.09A research study by telecommunication specialist Market Clarity shows that Vocus is leading the way in customer satisfaction. Read More
17.07.09TransACT recognises Vocus’ reputation as key industry player and selects the company as its primary IP transit provider. Read More
15.06.09Wholesale telecommunications specialist Paula Kalleske has joined the Vocus team as an Account Manager. Read More
20.04.09Hiring, Not Firing - Vocus shows dramatic growth despite the global financial crisis. Read More
04.03.09At the APNIC Annual Member Meeting, Vocus CEO, James Spenceley, elected to APNIC Executive Council. Read More
04.02.09Vocus today announced the appointment of Industry Veteran, Trevor Harris. Read More
15.01.09Vocus sponsors NZNOG09 conference. James Spenceley outlines the companies success in the New Zealand market and is delighted to be able to support the Industry via the NZNOG sponsorship.Read More


22.09.08Wholesale voice and Internet provider Vocus has announced its New Zealand expansion with the company offering its International SDH, Ethernet and its flagship IP transit product to the New Zealand market from November 1, 2008. Along with this Vocus also announced the signing of two key customers FX Networks and Telarus to kick start the expansion. Read More
08.07.08Vocus today announced they have commissioned their International network and first US POP (San Jose, California). The direct link to the United States mainland runs on two diverse 2.5 gigabit wavelengths on the Southern Cross Cable Network. The IP network includes peering with upwards of 65 networks, with Vocus directly connecting to much of the worlds most popular content. Read More
29.07.08BigAir selects Vocus as Primary Transit Provider. Read More
29.07.08Vocus signs million dollar deal with Hosting Shop. Read More
21.07.08Wholesale Voice and Internet start-up, Vocus Group, announces its Platinum Sponsorship of the next Asia Pacific Network Information Centre (APNIC) meeting to be held in Christchurch in August 2008.Read More
24.04.08PIPE Networks (ASX:PWK) has announced a strategic investment in Vocus Group Ltd and Vocus Connect Pty Ltd. No Press Release Available
31.03.08Vocus Connect Pty Ltd today signed a multi-year capacity deal with Southern Cross Cable, purchasing direct capacity on their cable system to the United States. Several Points of Presence are being planned for the west coast United States, including locations in San Jose and Los Angeles.No Press Release Available

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