IP Transit

Get closer to the content your people want.

IP Transit offers the most straightforward routes to content that Australians and New Zealanders want. We designed our network to meet the high demands of other carriers and Internet Service Providers (ISPs), and we manage it from end to end.


Redundancy across oceans.

Our main network route is carried via the Southern Cross Cable System. But we also offer separate low latency connections to Hong Kong and Singapore—and onwards to the rest of Asia and Europe.

We only answer to our customers.

We don’t answer to a parent company, which means you don’t have to either. With Vocus, you’ll know that your IP Transit is routed directly to/from the source and managed by your local Vocus team.

Proactive peering puts you closer.

From YouTube to Salesforce, we strategically identify the world’s top content sources and provide you with direct access to their network.

A BGP adjacency winner.

We can proudly say that we can connect you to more Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) communities than any of our competitors. 

Bandwidth guaranteed.

With IP Transit, you don’t need to worry about network congestion or running out of bandwidth. We also offer bursting to cover you against unanticipated traffic spikes.

Reallocate traffic on a whim.

We can bill you in aggregate across all our Australian & New Zealand PoPs, no matter when or where your traffic flows.


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