Data Centres

Cost-effective colocation. Optimised by a secure fibre network.

Our Data Centres provide a secure and widely connected environment for today’s most technology-focused ANZ customers. Save space—and keep control—by moving your data infrastructure.


Seamless network integration.

We work every day to make our network—the core of our business—more reliable and accessible. Get straightforward connectivity from your servers to your WAN and beyond.

Bigger is always an option.

Vocus offers colocation for full racks and can deliver power and cooling to support from 1kW per rack right up to 30kW per rack in certain data centres.

Security is the Vocus focus.

We offer standard lockable racks, dedicated suites, dedicated cages, Class B and C high-security racks and Hot Aisle Containment Systems—all with 24/7 secure access.

Space won’t be an issue.

When you co-locate, you can expand your infrastructure along with your business—without worrying about availability.

Full control from any iOS device.

Vocus View lets you monitor your data centre conditions from anywhere and get guaranteed access with in-app features like keyless entry.

We stand by our SLAs.

Our 100% uptime guarantee (at 530 Collins) makes it the ideal place for protecting VPS or High Availability hosting.

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Vocus SYD01 DC Spec Sheet
Vocus SYD02 DC Spec Sheet